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Let’s talk about Advance Parole.

People who file for a green card 🗽may travel 🛩 and leave US with a special immigration document called Advance Parole. The Advance parole travel document tells the ICE Officers when you return to US that you are in legal status and you can be allowed to come back into US.✈️

✅ Advance Parole makes the return to US after a short trip abroad super easy. You show it to the ICE CBP Officer in the airport upon return with your passport and they let you enter US.

Some facts about Advance Parole:

🌐 1. We use Form I-131 Application for Travel Document to file for Advance Parole.

🌐 2. It can be used for more than one trip as long as it’s valid.

🌐 3. If your green card application is still in process, you are safe to come back using your Advance parole.

🌐 4. The USCIS for Advance Parole is included in the $1,225 USCIS Fee we pay for the green card application (along with including the work permit application fee).

🌐 5. When filing for Advance Parole and Work Permit together, they will be issued on the same plastic USCIS card and the Advance Parole will be designated on the Work Permit card with the language “Serves as 912 Advance Parole” on the bottom of the card.

🌐 6. How long can you stay abroad with the Advance Parole? There is no hard rule about this, but I recommend no more than 90 days per trip.

🌐 7. People with open Immigration Court proceedings and prior deportation orders or criminal problems should NEVER leave US because they may not be allowed to come back even with the Advance Parole. 🚷

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