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Harvard and MIT sue ICE and the Trump Administration

Harvard and MIT sue ICE and the Trump Administration to undo the July 6 ‘final temporary’ draconian Student Visa rules stating that international students in colleges forced to do online classes due to COVID-19 must leave US immediately. 

Even in difficult times, this country has always welcomed legal students from other countries and our American students went to study abroad frequently. This was our normal. 

In fact, when I attended NYU, I was considering 2 international programs, thinking to spend a semester in either UK or Italy. We had students from around the world attending with us, which brought a wonderful diversity and flavor to our school and community. I also had international classmates at Fordham Law School. For New York and for the United States, this was always the way of life. What did legal students do wrong to deserve being so unceremoniously thrown out? 

The latest changes in immigration laws in the United States are setting us up as a hated and criticized country among other nations, no longer a leader. It’s starting to feel like an iron curtain is coming down around us. No longer does it feel like America is part of the international community of civilized countries. This isolationist view is not a good position. Period. 

Source to learn: NBC News