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Harvard and MIT – US Immigration

ICE agreed to rescind/cancel their new draconian policy of sending students home if their college had to hold classes online. 

Many major US universities joined Harvard and MIT in their federal lawsuit in the district of Massachusetts when ICE announced of its plan to change student visa laws forcing foreign students who have to attend classes online in September 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic to go home and study online from their home countries.

Universities such as Harvard, MIT, John Hopkins University, and University of California Irvine join forces and announced that ICE proposed law changes through them and their students into chaos.

They said in the lawsuit that the Trump administration is trying to force them to have physical classes and put their students’ lives at risk or face deportation.

When the lawsuit went in front of the federal judge, however, the two sides quickly settled this matter. ICE agreed to return back to the earlier laws and allow foreign students to stay in America with their status unchanged.

This was a huge victory for foreign students!!

The other Trump administration travel bans and freezes on work visas, diversity lottery green cards, and family unification interviews and visas still remain in place. It is not known yet when those will be lifted.

Source to learn: WJS