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Ending DACA

Since the Supreme Court Decision of June 18, 2020 left the door open to ending DACA “if Trump only did it the right way,” guess what Trump is doing. He is ending DACA the right way.

DACA is the program that legalized kids brought to US under the age of 16 without proper papers and whom President Obama gave a chance to for legalizing – work authorizations, socials, state IDs, and a “deferred deportation” status. NOT green cards, mind you, just legal working status.

I just want to point out that rather than solve the crisis this country is going through (toppling of historic monuments, saving the First Amendment right to free speech, cancel culture, destruction of our cities, country more divided than ever), this is what he is spending his valuable time on, throwing out the Dreamers kids.

If you all think Trump is coming in November on a white horse to save the day and our country will magically stop moving towards Socialism and we can all come together and be ONE nation, nah, not going to happen.

This year we are choosing for the position of a POTUS, a leader of the biggest country of the free world, between a demented guy who can’t remember his name and a man on a mission to throw all the immigrants out of US that he can. Someone, please wake me up from this nightmare.

Source to learn: The Hill