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Don’t Worry: 5 Reasons Your Immigration Lawyer Is Not Responding

Having trouble getting in touch with your immigration lawyer? They’re not ignoring you – here are a few reasons why!

They Are Not Your Immigration Lawyer Yet

Have you hired an immigration lawyer yet? If you are writing them on social media, they are not allowed ethically nor obligated to respond to you. Schedule a consultation and have them give you real advice in their office.

Time Zone Difference

Are you writing an immigration lawyer from a different time zone? You may be in Australia, where it’s day, and in New York City, it’s nighttime.

They May Be in Court or on Vacation!

Social media sometimes creates a false sense of intimacy, like you know the person and what they are doing. If you are available to speak, that does not mean the lawyer is available. They will probably ask you to schedule a consultation for your immigration case.

Focused on Another Client

It’s important to remember that immigration lawyers often deal with multiple clients and tasks simultaneously. If your lawyer is not responding immediately, it might be because they are fully engaged in addressing another client’s legal needs, requiring their undivided attention to provide the best possible service.

Your Specific Case Type: Not a Fit

Some immigration lawyers may not express interest in your particular case type because it falls outside their area of expertise or specialization. It’s essential to do your research! Find an attorney with the right experience and skills to ensure the best possible representation for your legal matter.

Shepelsky Law has specialized lawyers who work with a lot of case types, including Immigrations/Visas, Divorce/Family Law, Business/Contracts/Employment, Wills/Trusts and Medicaid Planning in NY/NJ.

You Might Not Have a Case at All

Sometimes, it’s essential to consider the possibility that your situation might not qualify as a legal case at all. Consulting with a qualified attorney can help determine if your issue has legal grounds and guide you on the appropriate course of action.

In certain situations, immigration lawyers may not be able to help with your matter at all, such as when they cannot sponsor you for a job visa from Nigeria or another country. It’s crucial to be aware of the boundaries of legal assistance and seek specialized guidance when necessary.