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American celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kanye West filed for divorce. Both are big stars, share 4 kids and their divorce will require a lot of work from teams of their attorneys to settle even in the most collaborative way because the issues involved are custody and visitation of the 4 kids, where these parents live in different states (Kim in CA and Kanye in Wyoming) and have travel-the-world lifestyles; spousal maintenance/alimony and splitting up marital assets. There are international brands here and Kanye’s mental health issues to consider. 

The Co-Parenting Plan is going to be a challenge to put together. Travel with kids and making them available for equal parenting time with both parents (California is a mandatory Joint Physical Custody state) is going to be interesting for sure!

The financial discovery of both sides’ numerous financial assets will probably take months to collect, sort out, separate pre-marital from what grew in value during the marriage, and exchange. Boxes ans boxes of paper!

Was there a Prenuptial Agreement and is there enough changes in their lives for the court to invalidate it? After all, they now share 4 kids, helped each other careers, they are first level celebrities. 

And will Kanye pay Kim alimony and Child Support as the higher earning spouse?

Hopefully, both Ms. Kardashian and Mr. West will work hard to settle all their differences and focus on the kids to get through this. 

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