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DHS Launches CBP One App to Streamline Immigration Processes

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection made it easier than ever to fill out & submit all the necessary documents – as you can download a virtual office app on your phone, available in both the Android and iOS App Store for free!

The CBP One app made an impressive debut in 2020 and has become even more popular this year, especially after the Biden administration declared new policies for some asylum-seekers & migrants. It was announced that these individuals could apply via the app’s digital platform.

This particular application simplifies the process of asylum seekers coming to Mexico with an allotted time frame for their scheduled meeting with a Customs & Border Protection officer. All this can be done with their Mexican sim card mobile phone. To apply for asylum via the CBP One app, an applicant must have a US Sponsor who is willing to sponsor their stay in the country and provide all information required. The interview process would begin within 14 days from the date of application.

This system has been designed to provide more efficient access for border migrants and other asylum seekers to speak with Customs and Border Protection officers. It is a way to better organize how these individuals can be interviewed. By utilizing this method, people are able to save precious time and don’t have to be exposed to hazardous conditions for extended periods of time as it was in the past, only to be ultimately denied entry into the U.S. because of Title 42 or other obstacles. The Biden administration has brought about a new era for US Borders, which should help to alleviate the ongoing border crisis that it has been facing much criticism for.

People from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela can now use this app to apply for authorization to travel to the US with the help of a sponsor. This is an easy and convenient way for them to get the required paperwork together and travel safely. President Biden’s government has made provisions which allow up to 30,000 parolees from the identified four countries to apply via the CBP One app in a given month. Before they can gain entry to the US, applicants must have a valid passport, show proof of sponsorship, go through a thorough background check and satisfy other requirements. They can then get here by air travel.