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Canada: Visa-free Program for Ukrainian Refugees

For Ukrainian refugees in Europe, Canada will be creating a visa-free Refugee program in approx. 2 weeks, who unlike USA has opened its doors to Ukrainian refugees who are struggling to get US visas to come here.

My colleague (American immigration attorney) in Poland right now wrote:

Canada is going to be a very attractive option in two weeks. They are launching a broad humanitarian entry program that will allow any Ukrainians who apply to come into Canada. At least, that is the theory. We will see what the reality is like once the program launches. You cannot apply for it yet, but keep an eye on this group and on the Canadian immigration website for updates. Canada is also a very good option for people who have to wait out consular processing. It is far closer to their United States based relatives then Europe, and has a great social safety net. Remember that Canada is bigger than just Toronto, and British Columbia is likely going to be a very attractive choice for clients who have family on the West Coast. We have no word yet about how effective humanitarian poll applications are on the northern border, so stay tuned for the use of that as people report any efforts.

Adding from Shepelsky Law Group:

Here is the information so far on Canada opening a refugee program for Ukrainian nationals.…/canada-to-welcome-those-fleeing…

Those with US Relatives waiting in the long visa lines in Non-immediate relative categories can start in Canada and settle there while awaiting US Family Relative petitions to be processed by the US government.

Current wait times for different U.S. FAMILY IMMIGRANT Visa Categories:

F1 Category – Single Children of US Citizens over 21 yrs old is now taking approx. 7 years to issue Visas/Green Cards from the date of receipt of the I-130 Petition by USCIS.

F2B category for Unmarried Sons and Daughters (21 years of age or older) of Permanent Resident petitioners is now taking approx. 7 years.The countdown for visa issuance starts on the date USCIS received the I-130 Petition.

F3 category for Married Children of US Citizens is now taking the total of 14 years for visas to become available.

F4 category for Siblings of US Citizens is now taking 15 years to issue Immigrant Visas/Green Cards.…/visa-law0/visa-bulletin.html

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