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Biden Implements New Expedited Process for Immigration Courts

The Biden Administration created a new “Recent Arrivals” (RA) fast-track docket court calendar.

The Biden Administration’s “Recent Arrivals” (RA) docket introduces an expedited immigration court process to handle new border arrivals swiftly. This expedited process serves new border arrivals to expedite decisions in their immigration court cases.

Under this new system, single adults will go into expedited immigration court deportation proceedings, with judges given 180 days to make decisions. 10 judges were appointed to oversee this process.

For those with weak asylum cases, this expedited court process will mean a fast deportation. People with an immigration attorney will have a great chance to overcome this fast-track process and win asylum.

“Today, we are instituting with the Department of Justice a process to [expedite] asylum [court] proceedings so that individuals who do not qualify for relief can be removed more quickly and those who do qualify can achieve protection sooner,” Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement.

The Recent Arrivals docket will be only in the cities of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, LA and NYC.

Officials from the Biden administration are actively advocating for comprehensive reforms by Congress. They want to address the systemic challenges. They highlight that the recent announcement on Thursday serves merely as a temporary measure. This is amidst the escalating backlog in the courts.

Despite the introduction of a new expedited immigration court docket, the exact number of individuals who would benefit remains unclear, raising concerns about its effectiveness without the allocation of additional resources and the appointment of more judges to manage the workload.

The government is implementing various strategies, such as GPS tracking and mandatory reporting, to encourage prompt processing for immigration seekers. An official expressed optimism that these initiatives will effectively decrease the existing backlog in the new docket system.

We predict that this new expedited immigration court docket will increase the length of time existing cases wait for court hearings.

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