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A sweeping amnesty for undocumented immigrants introduced as a proposed bill

👉A group of four top Democratic senators has introduced legislation to provide a much-needed pathway to a Green Card for up to 8 million people, including dreamers, H-1B and long-term visa holder

📋US Senator Alex Padilla, Democrat from California, introduced in Congress a new Immigration Amnesty bill on Sept 28, 2022 to get green cards to anyone in US over 7 years. The bill is co-sponsored by US Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, US Senator Ben Ray Lujan from New Mexico, and Senate majority whip Dick Durbin from Illinois. These are powerful senators and the fact that the majority whip (someone who brings in votes for laws for the party) is involved shows that Democrats are very serious about this amnesty.

✅The proposed legislation sets out to change the cut off date on the Green Card Registry law that currently says that anyone who came to US in 1972 or before can become a Green Card holders without any waivers or US relatives or immigration court involvement. You basically register and if you don’t have any arrests or bad moral character issues, you become a Lawful Permanent Resident. The proposed law would change the cutoff from “1972” to “7 years before the application date” for the date someone entered US to be eligible. That means that anyone in US over 7 years could qualify. More than 8 million undocumented immigrants stand to gain residency from this proposed bill.

🙏We have a lot of hope that this bill will become a real law in 2023 because immigrants are the lifeblood of America.

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