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7 Ways to Get Legalized in the United States – Expert Immigration Tips

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For people wondering how to get legalized in the US, keep reading to know the possible routes to follow. Although the Amnesty didn’t pass, here is how to get legalized in the US.

7 ways to get legalized in the US without the Amnesty in 2021

Explore the areas still available to people from other countries to get a green card and become a green card holder, a permanent resident of the United States, even without the Amnesty passing in 2021. Grab your chance of getting the legal stamp, and do not wait for the politicians to give you a handout with something. 

✅ 1. Using the Asylum Tool

The first way to still get a green card is through asylum. If you are from a country with a dictatorship, and you just came here for your first visit, now is the best time to file for asylum. This is when you’re afraid to return to your home country because you will be abused there for being of a political opinion, of a specific minority religion. This includes: belonging to a social group, being within the LGBTQ+ community, or being of a race or nationality that is persecuted in your country, where your home government will not lift a finger to help you. 

You can ask for asylum, even if you were here for longer than one year, but then you have to prove a change in circumstances. Something changed for you to make it worse. For example, if your family received threats against life or converted to a different religion, you converted to Baptism or something like that. In your country, Baptists or Christians are being killed and tortured. Asylum is still on the table. That’s your first way of getting a green card.

✅ 2. Through Cancellation of Green Card

If you’ve been here longer than two years, this is the best way that can work for you. I’m talking about the cancellation of removal of non-lawful permanent residents. In reality, cancellation of removal is essentially a green card provided by a judge through the immigration court. 

When you have kids born in the United States or a spouse or parents who are US citizens, they will suffer if you were the one taking care of them, and they had to follow you if you get deported to your country. You have to prove you’ve been here over ten years, with good moral character, paying taxes, the person that’s going to be your relative in whose interest we’ll ask the judge for the green card has to be your child, your parents, or your spouse US citizen, or green cardholder. They have to show extreme hardship like they’re sick and you’re taking care of them. You’re the breadwinner, and there’s no other way to legalize.

These things can get you a green card through the cancellation of removal, a green card by an immigration judge.

✅ 3. Marry a US Citizen

The third way of legalizing and getting a green card is to marry a US citizen or even a green card holder for certain people still in status. Those people can even get a green card by marrying a green cardholder. But you can choose to marry a US citizen for people who are overstaying their visa and just came with a visa. 

Do not get arrested while you’re trying to get your visa. Stay out of trouble in order to get a green card through marriage to a US citizen.

✅ 4. The VAWA Green Card

It might be a scary option to seek out legalization even without Amnesty. VAWA is through a bad situation, but you still benefit by getting legal permissions to stay. 

VAWA is when you’re married to a US citizen, but the person’s abusing you, emotionally, financially, physically, or morally in every or any way, controlling your every step. You are afraid of them as they are abusing you, hitting you, or making you suffer.

This process is called the VAWA green card. The petition is I-360, and you may have heard of it as the VAWA I-360 petition or abuse petition. You don’t require your US citizen or green card holder spouse to sign anything too cooperate. There’s no interview. It’s a great way to inscribe the legal stamp if you’re married to a US citizen and suffering in the relationship.

✅ 5. U – Visa

A U visa is for victims or witnesses, helping law enforcement or police put the criminal in jail. A person gets this category of visa if they help the government like police, district attorneys, FBI, sometimes immigration ICE, to put criminal people in jail and convict people who are doing crimes.

The agencies will sign the paperwork for you, and you can get a U-visa first, which gets a job from it, and you get legal status in the United States. The next step is you can apply for a green card after a passage of three years.

✅ 6. Direct Application for Green Card

This option is available for people coming to the United States equipped with outstanding achievements and abilities in something that our country needs right now. Suppose you’re a scientist, researcher of outstanding abilities, or a businessman excelling in the areas of business that we need right now in the United States, like tourism. In that case, you can file a direct application for a green card. 

Being an expert immigration lawyer in the US, I would be glad to file it right now for somebody with an impressive background in tourism and bringing tourism into a country. This visa is called a national interest-waiver employment immigrant petition. It’s a work visa that you get when you are outstanding in your professional field.

It saves you from undergoing the whole labor department certification process. You go straight to filing for a green card if you’re that a professional.

✅ 7. Family petition with a waiver: Staying in the US With The I-601A Provisional Waiver

You can legal permissions and get a green card even if you’re not a parent or a spouse of a US citizen. For example, if you had something filed for you before 2001, you can use the 2001 Clinton amnesty and get your paperwork done like that.

Or, maybe you can do a waiver. If you’re filing for a spouse, you can show that the US citizen spouse would suffer greatly. You cannot move and follow the immigrant spouse to the home country. For that, you need a waiver of the inadmissibility bar. It means that you admit you’ve been here illegally for over six months. You now have accrued the ten-year bar, and instead of leaving and waiting 10 years to come back, you ask the government to waive that, to forgive that, to give you a waiver.

☝ Those are the 7 ways to file for a green card in the US.

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