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✅ 1.     Create systems to follow, being organized and having work flows is the only thing that helps to do a lot in a short amount of time. STICK TO THESE SYSTEMS.
✅ 2.     Know when to say NO.  Say no often. You may be a people pleaser, and there are ways to decline that are more polite than others. But, it is vital that you are able to prioritize and turn down projects or opportunities that aren’t worth your time.
✅ 3.     Learn how to delegate and ask for help. Never hesitate to ask for help.
✅ 4.     Trust your gut instinct. Your intuition is your strongest tool. Women are said to posses a superior intuition (women’s intuition). Experts say this intuition is based on an ability to read facial expressions and body language. Trust it and trust yourself.
✅ 5.     Work with a mentor or a coach to help you realize what you need to do to get where you want to be. Find a mentor who’s right for you by working with someone who has experience in your industry, follows your values, and can help you find success.
✅ 6.     Leave room in your busy schedule for rest, relaxation and doing something you love! For me, it’s yoga 4 times a week and travel every couple of months. Find what makes YOU tick, and let it out!

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