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Worried that you might lose your green card or permanent resident status? Here is what not to do to ensure your green card stays active.

🔶1. If you travel with an open criminal case, you can lose your green card. Until your criminal case is resolved, do not leave the US. If you leave the country away, you must bring your court dispositions with you and ICE officers will check these upon return.

🔶2. Arrests that become serious convictions will risk your green card status. Some convictions will lead to deportation, even if they are misdemeanors.

🔶3. Under no circumstances should you commit fraud or lie about something in your papers. These questions can come up at your citizenship interview and cause your green card status to be lost.

🔶4. Fake marriage. If USCIS believes your marriage is fake you may be denied for removal of conditions. The same applies if you are filing for your kids and consular investigations uncover that your marriage was not real.

🔶5. Do note vote in a Federal Election. You cannot vote in federal elections until you are a US citizen.

You should always use a lawyer when filing for anything with USCIS. These are tough times for immigrants and one small mistake can cause you your American Dream!

☝️We have lawyers and immigration experts to help you with every step of your citizenship journey. Reach out to us and we will make sure you get legalized and naturalized as fast as the US Immigration system allows.

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