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Hi, guys! Marina Shepelsky here. I am an immigration attorney for almost 20 years, and today I want to give you 5 updated tips for improving the process of Green Card through Marriage to a US Citizen, after all the recent changes to the process and the Public Charge inadmissibility (Public Benefits) Rules:

When filing your Green Card Application I-485, Family Petitions I-130 and I-130A (for spouses), Work Authorization Application I-765, Affidavit of Support I-864, and Advance Parole Application I-131, follow these simple steps:

1. Make sure to include copies of all pages of your old/expired passport used to enter US with, and do not forget to include copies of all pages of your new/current passport. Even covers. Staple and label each set of passport page copies clearly.

2. Make sure to include proof of your entering US with a visa and inspection. For this, print out your I-94 record online from the site

3. Both spouses must include copies of their birth certificates (with translations), all divorces with proper stamps and seals, and proof of US citizenship for your US citizen spouse.

4. US Citizen Spouse’s Tax returns. DO include copies of every single page of both federal part of the return, and all the pages of the STATE part. All the schedules, federal and state.

5. Include IRS TRANSCRIPTS of the US Citizen spouse. Here is where you can order the IRS tax return transcripts, either to download online or to get them mailed to your home:

With daily changes in immigration law, we strongly urge you to use an experienced immigration lawyer for your immigration case. We are here for our clients.

We are going to keep fighting no matter who the president is and we will continue with our mission to legalize undocumented immigrants and make them part of the American community.

Immigrants make America great!



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