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How to Choose A Divorce Lawyer in NY or NJ

Are you having marriage problems? Worried about finding the RIGHT divorce lawyer to take your case in NY or NJ?

Stressed about losing your kids and paying so much in child support that you will go bankrupt? 

Maybe you are worried you will get nothing if you decide to leave. You might stay, even if you are miserable, because you fear divorce will destroy your life? 

My name is Marina Shepelsky – I am a NY and NJ divorce lawyer since 2003.  I have great experience in courts in the areas of child support, custody and visitation, property division in complex divorces, maintenance, alimony, parental rights, separation agreements, and post-nuptial / prenuptial agreements. I work with uncontested divorces and encourage people to settle their matrimonial disputes peacefully, whenever possible.

We have 5 tips for YOU on how to find the right divorce lawyer for you!

1. Look for the laywer’s online videos.

Read online reviews. Check out their website. The client reviews don’t all have to be 5 stars, but look for someone that MAJORiTY of their clients like and rave about.

2. Look for someone with the same mindset as you.

If you want to settle peacefully and your lawyer wants to make your life into a 10-year litigation, this attorney may not be the right fit for you. Be a fighter – you need a lawyer with the most aggressive strategy. If your spouse is very aggressive, you need a bulldog of a defense lawyer.

3. Meet and interview more than one attorney

Find the one who feels right for you. It’s okay to speak to 2 or even 5. Pick the ONE.

4. Be prepared to invest financially in your divorce.

This is one of the most important financial decisions of your life. Put money aside for this.

5. Do not turn to alcohol or drugs

Instead, do your research and pick a lawyer who will work for YOU. Do this smart, with a cold head. 

Call us today if you are ready to stop the abuse and start your divorce today! 

Shepelsky Law Group
My number is: 718.769.6352