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5 Areas Of American Life New Immigrants Must Learn And Understand To Succeed In USA

For some people, it takes decades to adjust to life after immigration to America. But, if you pay attention to the above 5 things, you will succeed quickly in America.

💰U.S. Taxation, need to file Tax Returns

The basic rule is that if you made more than $11,000 in income in a year, you must file a tax return. If you make over $11,000 per year in US, you must pay taxes. Depending on where you live, you may have to pay Federal Taxes, state taxes, city taxes, and other various taxes. Get a smart accountant, but also someone who wants to ensure you get the maximum tax benefits and is on your side.

🥞 Cooking

It is MUCH cheaper in America to cook your own meals. Limit eating out at restaurants to weekly or special occasions. Obesity is the number one health issue for most Americans. It is the major cause for heart disease and the reason for increases in cancer statistics in USA. 

Cooking your own meals and eating healthy is very important.  First, the food portions in US are huge and you will quickly gain weight and be unhealthy if you eat out all the time. Also, it’s very expensive to eat out on a regular basis. Cooking will save you money and improve your health.

🫂Social etiquette

For example, people do not just show up at someone’s door to visit – you must call first. When greeting someone, you say, Hello, how are you? When someone asks you, “How are you?” you should respond with “Well, thank you!” and smile, instead of lapsing into a detailed recount of all your life’s problems.

💰Managing your Credit and growing your Credit History 

From your first day in immigration status in America, it is important to take good care of your credit history, and it will take care of you in return. Growing your credit history means opening up a credit card, initially with a small limit, and paying your bills on time, paying in parts sometimes, too. Never overcharging or paying late.

🔎Managing your bank accounts and understanding the basics of investment

You need to learn how to write a check, pay a bill from your bank account, how to pay bills, how to pay a mortgage, that a simple checking account gives you basically no interest, but a pension fund is a must. The basics of financial literacy are very important.

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