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1 Billion for Immigration Relief: the House of Representatives passed a sweeping Social Spending Budget plan

The House of Representatives passed a sweeping Social Spending 💸Budget plan that
includes 💰1 Billion earmarked for Immigration Relief and Border Security.

This is to support the “Build Back Better Act,” which would authorize $1.3 billion for
planning and construction of physical barriers at the southern border; an increase in the
number of Border Patrol agents; and more than $300 million to improve conditions for
migrants and asylum seekers.


✔ Work Permits as Temporary Parole (protects from deportation; allows to work
legally and receive Social Security number) for people who have lived in US since
at least Jan. 1, 2011 and before. 

✔Green Card/Visa numbers Recapture

✔Some employment-based green card applicants who have been stuck in backlog
over 2 years will be able to pay $5,000 supplemental fee to waive the annual
and per-country quota limitations and become LPRs years (and sometimes
decades) sooner than under current laws.

✔Family-based applicants who have been waiting at least two years may apply to
waive the backlog limitation with a supplemental fee of $2500.
➡Having U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, or an unexpired ten year B-2 visitor visa
in their passport;
➡ A pending U.S. citizenship application;
➡ A pending adjustment of status application;
➡ If under 21 years old, having filed an I-130 petition with USCIS before reaching age 18
and amending that petition to include parents after reaching age 18; or
➡ Being a victim of human trafficking or other crimes

✔ Protect green cards for Diversity Visa Lottery winners who were prevented from
entering the US during Trump’s administration due to travel bans and Covid-
related financial assistance.

Whether or not these provisions make it to the FINAL version of law is unclear.
This bill is set to hit the US Senate in December 2021.

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