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How can I file a USCIS immigration case?

Are you afraid your imigration application will be denied by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?

Have no fear. Here are strategies to avoid disapproval. We can also help to file your application.

The most common reasons for rejection from the USCIS Lockbox are

  1. Incomplete applications – missing pages, missing information.
  2. Missing signatures
  3. Incorrect fees (the amount is wrong or you made the check out NOT to US Department of Homeland Security USCIS, or forgot to sign and date the check).
  4. Most applications ask for copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce judgments and changes of name. Make sure you include copies of these documents with a certified English translation.
  5. Keep copies of the entire application package, including supporting documentation, the mailing address you used, and the fee check you sent.
  6. Use a courier like FedEx or UPS to send your packet out, so that you have proof of delivery.
  7. If your case is returned for a missing document, please resubmit it with the proper cover sheet provided by USCIS on top and include whatever documents were missing.
  8. If your case was received and you have proof of delivery, but you never received the USCIS Receipt notice within 30 days, you can first email the Lockbox Support at attaching a copy of your case and proof of mailing and delivery, and if that goes nowhere you can RE-submit it (you kept a copy of your whole packet as I advised, remember).

To always have confidence that your USCIS case will reach USCIS and proceed as it should, please use an immigration lawyer.

We accept clients from all 50 states for US Immigration cases and will be happy to handle your Immigration complexities for you.