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Immigrant Men in Abusive Relationships: VAWA Green Cards

Not everybody knows but VAWA protects men, too. Unfortunately, home abuse and domestic violence are not rare and men become a target almost as often as women. Especially immigrant men.
That is sad statistics.

But they often are afraid of going to the police because they feel like the police won’t be on their side.

The process of men applying for VAWA self-petition is the same as for women.

My team faces a lot of cases like that, we help immigrant men and women get out of an abusive relationship and get legal status in the USA.

We can help you get a Work Permit and a Green Card even if your spouse is just a Green Card Holder, or they died or divorced less than 2 years.

Marina is an immigration and Family lawyer in NY and NJ with 18+ years of experience and represents Immigration clients all over America, in all 50 states.

Marina is also a passionate defender of immigrants’ rights and likes to tell people in simple terms what politics and news mean for immigrants and for our community.

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