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SSI benefits and SSD Disability Denial Appeals

If you were denied Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or SSD Disability Benefits, or experienced problems with your eligibility for Social Security benefits,  Shepelsky Law Group can help. We have decades of experience handling denials of SSD disability and SSI claims. We handle appeals of wrongful denials of SSI and Disability claims with Social Security Administration judges. 

The government makes mistakes, and we challenge Social Security Administration on their wrongful decisions in court (it takes place at the SSA Office of Administrative Hearings).

You won’t have to pay us anything out of pocket apart from small administrative fees because lawyer’s fees are covered by the government if you win and come from money the government owes you for arrears in your back benefits.

We help clients in all 50 states. If we win, the government will pay back what it owes you retroactively and also cover the lawyer’s fee.

Understanding what Social Security benefits you are eligible for and what benefits are available generally is tough, so here is a little cheat sheet:

Social Security Retirement Pension Benefits – you get this if you worked for 40 quarters (this is 10 years of work on the books),  and retire at 62 or older (here’s more info on age). The later you retire, the more money you receive.  However, if you retire at 62, you will lock in the lower amount of benefit for the rest of your life.  Currently, the full SS retirement pension benefit age is 66 years and 2 months for people born in 1955, and it will gradually rise to the age of 67 for those born in 1960 or later.  The SS pension is a benefit American workers pay into the system every time they pay federal payroll taxes.  The average Social Security retirement benefit paid to a retired worker in America is $1,413 per month.

Social Security Disability – you get this if you worked for 40 quarters  and now cannot work because you are too sick  (i.e. have sclerosis or experienced personal injury).  To receive the SSD disability benefits you have to show you can no longer do the work you did prior to getting sick.  By law the disabled person’s age does not matter. Also, your financial situation does not matter since your SSD disability benefits are what you paid into the system every time you paid federal payroll taxes when working. 

The average SSD disability benefit is $1,258 per month. If you were denied for SSD disability benefits, Shepelsky Law Group will fight your denial.  When you win your denial appeal, the Government will pay you retroactively all the benefits from the date you applied for SSD disability and this will cover your legal fees.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) – you  may be eligible for SSI if you have not worked and earned 40 quarters in the US, but have a disability, low income and low resources.  Disabled children are also eligible for SSI.  At Shepelsky Law Group,  we often help people who immigrated to the States when they were older and did not have enough time to work here the 40 quarters needed to get the SS Retirement Pension. It may be a widow whose husband was a primary breadwinner in the family, and now she needs government support.  We also work with disabled people who just did not work long enough to have 40 quarters, and help disabled children. 

We will analyze how much you have worked, how much taxes you paid and what kind of benefits you are eligible for. On average, the SSI monthly benefit in US is $783 per month. 

Medicare.  Medicare is a Social Security medical insurance coverage for disabled and retired people.

Social Security and Medicaid Trusts.  Certain people are allowed to have money resources or property placed in special trusts for their benefit to be able to use those resources and continue with Social Security and Medicaid coverage and maintain eligibility for these government benefits.  These are complex legal matters and Shepelsky Law attorneys can help set up a Social Security Trust or Medicaid Trust for your loved ones or even for yourself to receive benefits and avoid losing the resource.

SSI benefits and disability denial appeals

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