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Client stories

 I paid “coyotes” to bring me illegally into the U.S. They put me in a van carrying construction materials into the U.S.  I was laying between sheets of plywood and glass to hide from a possible check at the border.  

I tried to come to the USA legally. I went to the US Embassy in my country, in Haiti, and submitted all the documents, but was refused. After I got the idea to travel with my brother’s passport, who had a visa. For Americans, we are all on one face.

I am from Lagos, Nigeria and own two car dealerships in Africa. For many years I traveled to the United States on business, on a B1/B2 tourist visa, exporting and importing auto parts.  I sometimes even managed to send new and used cars from America to Nigeria. 

I really liked it in the US and after graduating I did not want to go back home to France.  I could not continue studying or working, so I realized that I need an immigration lawyer fast.

I couldn’t start her immigration process for my girlfriend because only a US citizen can petition for a fiance visa, a green-card holder cannot.

My uncle and my cousin, who were also Baptists, were on their way home from preaching, discussing the Bible. They were beaten to death. I moved to another city, but that did not help. I was eventually beaten as well, but not so badly, probably because I’m a woman.

I thought I can handle it, but one morning, out of the blue, he pulled me out of bed and beat me. I was injured, my shoulders and legs hurt, I went to the hospital. There were no fractured bones, but I was pretty shaken up.