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Today we’re going to talk about Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and some bills he has proposed that have to do with immigration restrictions. These bills have caused some controversy and people are worry about what might happen if similar things were proposed on a national level.

So, Governor DeSantis has proposed three bills, one of which is the “Florida Immigration Enforcement Act.” This bill would require local police officers to help the federal government catch illegal residents. This could lead to police officers unfairly targeting people who look a certain way or speak a certain language.

The second bill is the “Florida E-Verify Act.” This bill would make it mandatory for employers to use a system called E-Verify to check if new employees are allowed to work in the United States. This could lead to discrimination against people who are legal citizens but may look or sound like they’re from another country.

The third bill is the “Sanctuary Cities Ban.” This bill would make it illegal for cities and counties to have policies that protect people in the country illegally from deportation. Some people worry that these restrictions could make it hard for illegal immigrants to get the help they need, restricting immigrants from going to school or getting medical care.

Many people who care about immigration are against these bills. They say that the bills would make it harder for people who are in the country illegally to get the help they need and would make them more afraid to talk to the police if they need help. They also say these bills could hurt the economy, placing restrictions on immigration that would make it harder and more restrictive for them to work and start businesses.

Some people think that these bills might not be legal because the U.S. government is supposed to be in charge of immigration, not individual states. If these bills become laws, court cases may decide if they are allowed.

Governor DeSantis’ bills about immigration have worried a lot of people. People stress that these restrictive immigration bills could lead to discrimination and hurt the economy. Some people also think that these bills might not be legal. It’s important to keep an eye on what happens with these bills and to keep talking about what we think is the right way to handle immigration in the United States.

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